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They do the doo...we scoop the pooh!

Our Services


Our affordable pricing makes it easy for you to get a handle on that undesirable part of having a family pet. We are very efficient and ready to scoop the pooh. We dispose of the waste in accordance with all local laws! We are Bonded and Insured! 

Properties that we service 

•    Residential 
•    HOAs
•    Commercial

Our Services

We are actively engaged in the removal of animal waste from your lawns, common areas and at properties operated by commercial businesses.

1 Dog / Month

2 Dogs / Month

3 Dogs / Month

Why Choose Us ?

We love animals and the environment, and want to keep our communites clean---- waste free!

We want to help you to eliminate unwanted duties so that you can spend more time with your family and friends 

We are proud members of A.P.A.W.S, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. 

We are Proud Member of

They do the doo...we scoop the pooh!