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About Us

Dog-Gone-Pooh is locally owned and operated pet waste removal service. They do the doo...we scoop the pooh, so you don't have to. We service El Paso County.

Our Specislist come to you professionally prepared to remove that Dog-Gone-Pooh waste according to your selected amount of times, to ensure your area is clean. 

Additionally, we install "Pooh Decks"  for those who have pets that prefer to do their pooh duties not in the yard. Great for those living in apartments. 

Our Mission

To provide an accessible and streamlined pet waste removal service that is tailored to serve the 
changing needs of our clients.

Our Goals

We Promote a Clean and Healthy Environment.

We Help create more time and balance in your life.

Ensure quality service to customers at affordable costs.

They do the doo...we scoop the pooh!